Submission Suggestions

If you are interested in submitting a submission for Shadow Series the options for what you wish to disclose are completely wide open. I will be posting a video in the near future that is my own personal Shadow Story, so if you are still unsure or what/how you would like to contribute stay tuned for that.

Once you have submitted something for the Shadow Series project you will be contacted within a timely manner to discuss where YOU see your experiences being shared, and HOW you wish for us to portray that story.

Some options for sharing content;

  • Blog Posts – It is totally your preference, if you wish to send us an anonymous submission for our blog page on Shadow Series, please be sure to inform us with your submission how you would like to be referenced whether you choose to use an alias, initials, or  remain completely anonymous.
  • Photo Series- Every submission that we receive will be saved and utilized in the future for our photo series that we are working on. Everything used in the photo series will be kept completely anonymous, as well as mixed in with other stories to build an identity of the different aspects of what the Shadow Self contains as a whole.
  • Content Contributor- If you would like to be featured as a content contributor please send us a message and let us know. We are looking for people to help maintain our Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Blog pages.
  • Video Content- It is our goal that in the near future we will be able to start regularly posting to our YouTube channel. Depending on your comfort level, we would like to invite some of you to join us for our YouTube series that will be made available to the public. Individuals who are ideal for this section are comfortable enough discussing their stories with others; with the hope in mind that they contain some sort of insight to connect with people who may be secretly struggling.

The Shadow Series project is still very much so in the infant stages of growth. If you have any suggestions, or ideas as to other ways that we can share content submitted to us, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let us know! We are open to any and all suggestions.