Spring Cleaning is not just for the Home.

Sometimes there is a constricting in my chest and it is a feeling I do not know the cause of. In some ways I assume that it may be my anxiety rearing its ugly head yet again, some days I think it’s my heart hurting for the world that we live in, and other days it just may be I’ve had one too many cups of coffee and my body is telling me to chill the fuck out.

With the weather changing I often feel a sense of urgency to accomplish things, to change things about my life that I do not feel are adequate for where I want to be in life, and I must do it before the leaves start to bud on the trees or in some strange way I feel that I have failed myself.  Every year I feel like I go through a process of Spring Cleaning for my soul, and I think it’s a healthy part of life that everyone should consider doing.


During the Winter months it is easy to carry around with you extra life baggage… maybe it keeps us warm, maybe it gives us something to commiserate with ourselves over the long months, short days, and lack of sunshine.

As the day’s grow longer the weight on my shoulders grows more apparent, it grows heavier, and aches a little bit more. I find myself on the nicer days stressing over the fact that I should be outside enjoying the warm rays of sunshine, but find myself stuck in my bedroom contemplating the best way to get out and enjoy mother nature rather than just doing so.

Sometimes it’s difficult living directly in the city in a small apartment to be able to find ways to get out and enjoy the weather. I think that it’s the part of me that wishes to get away from it all, and to really immerse myself in natures beauty that aggravates me the most.

Regardless, there are still small ways that you can enjoy nature that DOES surround you, and try your best to focus on the positive and lovingly nurture the negative allowing for it to flow away from your center.

Earlier this morning after reading a post online about ritualistic fire ( no animals were sacrificed in this process) I decided that it would be a good idea for me to try something similar.

I gathered all of the letters I have accumulated over the years, some journal pieces that never made it physically into my  bound books, some cards I had strewn about my apartment, etc… I took them outside and lit them on fire over a bucket of water. It sounds crazy, I know that. But some part of me felt lighter, like I had let go of something that I had been carrying around on my back to keep me warm through the winter.

I am curious as to how you manage to shake off the winter months, how do you shed your proverbial winter weight that your soul carries around with you, and cleanse yourself to accept the changes the new year has for you and that spring welcomes?

Spring Cleaning doesn’t have to just be for the home you inhabit. Maybe it’s time to go through some other areas of your life…

Look through what you’ve posted on social media over the last few months… Do the images you shared on Instagram/Facebook represent the person that you want to become or are becoming? If not go ahead and delete them and as you do so quietly acknowledge that act as fire burning those ties to your life.

Are there certain “friends” on social media that maybe you really shouldn’t or could do without on your news-feed every day? The one from High School who is incessantly complaining about their day/life, or trying to shove the next skinny wrap down your throat?

Are your goals/intentions for the next coming months where they should be? Have you paid any attention to or put thought into what you would like for your life moving forward?

Once you have cleaned out the closets of your own soul, cleaned out the space within your home, and your social circles I highly suggest smudging not only your home, but yourself as well.

Smudging is a very simple task, and one I do every Sunday night to start the week fresh. You can find several different sage bundles online, or at your local shops. If you live close to Cortland, and are curious as to where you can find one let me know and I will be happy to help you acquire one. Once you have your sage bundle just simply light one end on fire allowing it to create embers that will smoke long enough and you are all set to cleanse your space. If you are interested in more details there are plenty of articles online.

The days are getting longer, and now is a great time to start making positive changes to everything that effects your spirit, soul, and energy. Spring cleaning is not just for the home.



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