Stay In Your Magic.

I believe in magic, I believe in aliens, and I believe in the power of the universe.


Ever since I was a little girl I have been a dreamer. I have a deep rooted faith in the power of the universe and whether you choose to call it magic, fate, mysticism, or the unforced rhythm of life… it’s there, and it is available to you whenever you may need to call upon it.

When I was a young girl I remember going on trips to the renaissance festival every summer, and boy was I in all of my glory at those fairs. There is something about the woods in Sterling, New York that always seemed magical to me. The colors, vendors, food and actors all painted a beautiful picture of to me one of the most interesting time periods known to man. I was naturally drawn to the organic soaps, the tinctures containing different oils, and the fairy figurines. The renaissance era holds a special place in my heart, and I think that it always will.

Fast forward to my first trip to Salem, Massachusetts  in the summer of 2013– the wonderment of my childhood was in full swing yet again, and to this day I still can’t explain the feeling that I get every time I visit my favorite little town. Maybe it’s just something about New England in all of it’s glory that I crave on a regular basis. The countryside is magnificent, the old castles that kiss the shores of the beaches less visited, and not to mention the seafood ( heavy breathing). Regardless of what it is I always find myself yearning to visit Salem every time I am in the area. 

On my first visit to Salem I had mentioned to my mother how I really REALLY wanted to visit a card reader while I was there. I had never had a tarot reading before, but I always had a hidden interest in seeing what all of the hype was about. We visited quite a few little shops, some of them I would deem appropriately as tourist traps, but for someone who does not believe in card readings you might argue every single one probably was a trap. I walked into a shop and spoke with the woman behind the counter for a few minutes and felt an instant connection to the energy of the shop and knew I had found the place I wanted my first reading to be done at.

Now before I continue any further, if you are a skeptic about card readings I encourage you to continue reading — I will wrap everything together about how I was able to move past the reading that I received and how/why my questioning of the validity was completely erased.

I approached my first reading with a complete open mind, as I suggest anyone who has not yet had a reading done as the outcome can vary significantly based off your openness to the situation alone.

I walked into a room behind a beaded curtain and met with an older man whom would be conducting my reading for me. This shop was a  no frills kind of place. There wasn’t a crystal ball on th17690726_1476738492336967_1975815490_ne table, he wasn’t wearing an elegant head wrap, or clothed in some mystical black cloak– quite the opposite. He was dressed just like a normal guy you’d probably run into at a coffee shop, or at your local grocery store.*I will call him Steve for the sake of this article*

*Steve asked me to clear my mind and open up my willingness to accept the energy for the reading which I reluctantly did, and we began. This reading was a standard spread (card choice & positioning) and right from the beginning I was shocked at what he was able to pick up on. At the time I was in the process of gearing up for a significant move to Washington and leaving behind my life in Southern California. I was pretty dead set on the fact that I would be living there for the rest of my life.  *Steve was able to pick up on the move without any questioning or prompting from myself, or information that I had given to him. He also mentioned to me that my next move would not be my last, and that I would move one more time before finally settling down. Fast forward to present day — I had lived in Washington for roughly about a year, and am now back in my home state of New York with no intention to move anytime soon. *Steve also pointed out some other smaller topics that I took with a grain of salt, but the one huge one that stood out to me was what he was able to pick up in regards to my move.

Now here is where keeping an open mind comes into play — *Steve could have meant any number of things in reference to my “big move” being that there are so many interpretations as to what exactly a move could entail, but how I perceived it was up to me. Now for my circumstance what he said quite literally ended up coming true, and maybe he got lucky or maybe he didn’t. I prefer to believe in the later of the two options.

Since my first reading I have been immersing myself in the possibilities that mysticism offers to everyone on an individual level.

I smudge my apartment every Sunday with a sage stick to clear out any negative energy, and every time afterwards I instantly feel a deeper level of calm throughout my home becau17792642_1476734242337392_703178758_nse I BELIEVE that doing so actually makes my home a lighter, safer place for my energy.

I collect crystals in which I use on a regular basis for different things, and I BELIEVE in the energy that these crystals possess.

I study astrology, and birth chart mapping, because I BELIEVE in the fact that the energy created at the time you are born into this world is paramount ( I’ll save that tangent for another post). 

So when it comes down to it whether it’s a card reading, meditation, smudging, or crystal collecting … it’s all up to you how effective these tools can be. If you have an open mind about the powers at will that you cannot see, or hear, but rather feel; than I highly suggest consulting a card reader for your first reading.

Currently I am working with a really beautiful oracle deck that I bought about a year ago, and hthave not been able to put down since the moment I bought it. As I began consulting the deck within my own life I quickly realized how positive this tool can be in every day life, and I want to help others learn more about this tool that I hold close to my heart. If you are interested in a reading please send me an e-mail in the contact section so I can discuss the options available!

Also if you have any questions about smudging, crystals, birth chart mapping, or guided meditation techniques for beginners I will be featuring those posts later on!

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