"Shadow work is the path of the heart warrior" – carl jung


“For there may be no light without darkness. No space for beauty in the illumination of the soul to exist without first reaching our darkest corners. Within the darkness, we find hope for the light.”

We are the sum of one.

– C. Wild


My hope for the Shadow Series Project is this…

I hope that you find something new about yourself. I hope that for nothing more than this moment you are able to look at yourself with complete love and admiration. That you acknowledge your shadow self, embrace it, and observe it simply just as it is. My hope is that the Shadow Series Project will be the beginning of a journey to awareness. A realization that you alone have been the only true constraint in your life. An understanding that the side of oneself that you’ve chosen to reveal to the world, is in fact, only one half to the whole.

Welcome to a sacred space of self discovery. Through personal Shadow Stories, exposure of demons from strangers, and consciousness of contributors … we strive to bring a heightened awareness to the fact that We are all the sum of ONE.

We are the sum of one conscious experience taking place at this very moment, and to deny the truth of who we are, and any part of our true nature…is a disservice not only unto ourselves, but the collective human construct. #ShadowSeriesProject

With gratitude, love & understanding,

The Shadow Series Project

Shadow from John Spooner on Vimeo.